Frequently Asked Questions

What is Corabits?

Corabits is one of the biggest Broker, which shares deep liquidity with other crypto exchanges. Upon that, Corabits provides 4 trading bots free of charge inside the exchange. Trading fee is very low at 0.005%.

Is there any referral bonus?

Yes there's a 10% referral bonus on any referee that created an account and started a trading bot

Any bonus on deposit?

Yes, we gift a little bonus on any successful deposit

Where can I see my available bonus?

Available bonus are always displayed on your dashboard

I can't see my bonus?

If you can't see it then check if you have an active trades, bonus may/may not be displayed if there's an active trading bot.

Is there any fee I'll pay when depositing/withdrawing?

No, depositing and withdrawing funds does not require any form of hidden charges.

What deposit/withdrawal methods do you offer?

Corabits offers a variety of payment methods including; a. Bitcoin b. Tether (USDT) and c. Ethereum

How long does it take to process my withdrawal?

All withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours. However, the time required for the funds to be transferred to your account does not exceed 10 minutes.

After my trading bot expires, where can I see my funds?

When your trading bot expires, your deposit and profit are returned to your account which you can view in your dashboard.

How much profit can I make a day?

Profits can vary depending on the current market conditions and your active trading bot(s).

What are the duration of my trading bots?

1. Quick Trading Bot lasts for 3 Days
2. Binance Grid Trading Bot lasts for 7 Days.
3. Futures Grid Trading Bot lasts for 14 Days.
4. Binance Spot Trading Bot lasts for 14 Days