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Terms of Service

Read the Terms of Service and License Agreement for Corabits as well as our Corabits App & Developer Agreements.


We are regulated and registered under Australian Securities & Investments Commission.


Learn more about Corabits registration documents and ceritifications of operarion under the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

Company Faq

Read carefully through Corabits LTD frequently asked questions and brand securities.

  • Follow the Company Brand Guides
  • Never use Company in the plural or possessive form
  • Never use Company trademark generically in referring to the product

  • Removing, distorting or altering any element of Company trademarks or branding
  • Shortening, abbreviating, or using acronyms out of Company trademarks
  • Combining your trademark or product name, visually or in text, with any Company trademark
  • Indicating Company is endorsing or promoting your trademark or product
  • Registering Company trademarks as or incorporated in social media account names, or aliases

Company trademarks include the following list. The absence of any Company trademark, product name, service name, or any other name from this list does not waive Company intellectual property rights.

The Company logo and name is ® Registered in the Turkey and The United States with registrations pending elsewhere. The ® Registered mark shall only be used in Turkey and The United States until registrations are completed elsewhere.

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